More Information About NASS

If you are looking for a small school for your child or start a small school you may find advice and information at the Human Scale Education website. Our membership represents professional, community and individual belief in small schools.
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Loyal, committed teachers work as a team, with the children staying well on task. Small schools are caring places, close to home, family and local community.

The NASS Charter promotes the work of smaller schools, those with 100 or fewer pupils. NASS believes smaller schools offer ideal conditions for young children's learning. Personal attention leads to a sense of identity and a belief that effort is worthwhile.

You are invited to join N.A.S.S. and share our work. You do not have to be a school threatened with closure. N.A.S.S. exists for all small schools. N.A.S.S. is both a professional association and a community organisation with membership across all walks of life.

If you value a secure and effective education for young children, if you believe in small schools as part of community life, N.A.S.S. needs your commitment and your help.