Primary Test Percentile Ranking

As we reported in an earlier e-newsletter, the Government proposes to resolve the problem it sees in KS2 level 4 being achievable within a mark range from 40+ to 70+ by giving parents more precise indications of how their children fared. It claims this is only for parents. The profession is dismayed as children will certainly find out. Consultation was launched typically across the summer holidays but pressure from the profession had the original September closing date extended into October.

Professional associations for teachers and headteachers have voiced strong opposition. NASS believes this measure of particular anxiety to small schools for the same reasoning that small schools have been excused league table publication. In small test groups the chances that individual pupils will know exactly how each other scored is much higher. We shall oppose in our response. We urge members and all who work in small schools to consider the situation very carefully and respond similarly. Time is very limited. Nick Clegg will be quick to interpret low response as "favour" since it will resonate as a Lib Dem version of Michael Gove's "tough on standards - tough on teachers"